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Business forecasting is of great importance for corporate planning and decision-making. It can play a key role in many areas of a company such as sales management, marketing planning, finance and accounting, logistics, production and purchasing. The sales forecast is the basis of your business plan. Many factors can directly or indirectly influence sales. These include economic and industrial trends, product and services, advertising and marketing campaigns, seasonal cycles, competition, pricing and regulation.

The GlobalSolver Forecasting Platform is a disruptive innovative software that employs a variety of statistical and machine learning methods for sales and business forecasting. This includes artificial intelligence models, for automatic forecasting of large numbers of items in real-time. It also allows for the forecasting of products with shorter series of observations or without historical data (new products), for web, mobile or desktop use.
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chevron_right Automatic accurate forecasting
GlobalSolver forecasting deals with missing observations and outliers in the historical data and accommodates trend, cyclic and the various periodic and seasonal patterns in the model specifications and forecasts.
chevron_right Statistical and qualitative forecasting
To avoid sensitivity to time series patterns, such as changes in consumer behaviour and other internal and external effects, GlobalSolver forecasting platform combines forecasts derived from the most accurate forecasting methods and allows for expert adjustment of statistical forecasts.
chevron_right Tracking performance against targets
Through the GlobalSolver platform, forecasting managers and authorized users can set annual targets by product or product group and track forecast performance against targets. They can then use the real-time forecast tool to share forecast reports with people at different levels in the company.

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Product Specifications
Automatic accurate forecasts of large number of items check
Forecasting performance evaluation and reporting check
Forecast adjustment of stock breaks and events check
Outlier detection and treatment check
Accounting for missing observations check
Real-time forecasting and reporting check
Safety stocks and reorder point forecasting check
Tracking performance against target check
Hierarchical forecasting check
Forecasting by analogy using artificial intelligence check
Combining forecasts from different accurate models check
Cloud-based check
Integration with other systems check
Data import from excel check
Forecast export to excel check
Desktop, mobile and tablet ready check


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