AI Platform for Monitoring the Occupancy Rate of Public Spaces and Commercial Areas

The Global Solver artificial Intelligence allows the user to monitor and calculate the number of people in any public or private space where collective activities and cultural initiatives are developed or where there are movements of people in commercial, sports or leisure areas: musical concerts, sports events, fairs and markets, supermarkets and shopping centers, parties, meetings, company meetings and other meeting events and social relations shared between citizens. The proposed solution is based on a digital cloud computing platform, using robust machine learning algorithms to process images and determine the density of people in any public or private space and their geographic location.

Image processing by anonymous computer vision

The images are collected through IP cameras at regular intervals and the information contained therein is transmitted in real time. The algorithm captures images from different public spaces (parks, squares, boulevards, stadiums, urban spaces, green areas, etc.), processes them using computer vision artificial intelligence algorithms and detects the position and number of people in the images. The collected images are blurred and are not stored on the server, thus guaranteeing data protection and citizens' privacy.

Real-time reporting and alerting

The information collected can be monitored and segmented by location, and by hour and day of the week, informing users at any time about the number of people in the area functioning as an alert and prevention tool for crowd formation. The application allows you to monitor and control the movement of people in dangerous or restricted areas, by launching an alert with the identification of the location and the number of people at risk.

Data Analytics

The data collected allows users to analyse the evolution of the trend and seasonality of the occupancy rate in different places of interest, throughout the day, week, month, or year. This information is useful for carrying out different studies on the pattern of use of public spaces and adjacent areas. This, in turn can have an impact on mobility management, the environment, waste collection, hygiene, health, etc., and can be used by researchers from universities and research units in different areas, including health and the environment.

Flexibility of access to information

Access to information is multichannel, which offers flexibility, ease of use and rapid scalability. Access to information can be parameterized according to the profile and restrictions required by the application administrator. This information is made available on a web page and visible on any mobile device, including smartphones and tablets.


AI Platform for Monitoring the Occupancy Rate
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