Next Generation Procurement Optimization Platform

The GlobalSolver Optimization Software consists of a digital platform for centralizing, negotiating and monitoring the procurement system. This is achieved through an integrated process of data import, processing, optimization and export of results for web, mobile or desktop use.

GlobalSolver software enables the buyer to consult, select and contract with an unlimited number of potential suppliers, according to their needs. Our proprietary algorithms calculate the optimal solution based on best prices, quantity, volume, cash discounts and supplier quality scores in order to minimize purchasing costs and process complexity.

Download here the PDF brochure or here the SAP integration one.

Now available with SAP® ERP integration

> S/4 and ECC, Fiori and GUI, integrated with the RFQ standard SAP® process;

> RFQ GlobalSolver creation from SAP® ERP;

> SAP® contract creation from the optimal mix generated by GlobalSolver;

chevron_right Multiple users, products and suppliers
One or more authorized users choose the type and quantity of products to be purchased and consult with multiple suppliers according to their needs.
chevron_right Incremental quantity, volume-tier and cash discounts
Interested suppliers are encouraged to submit their best offer in terms of unit price, volume-tier, incremental quantity as well as cash discounts.
chevron_right Validation and scoring
The buyer may reject or validate the supply proposals for each of the products or all the products of any of the suppliers based on supplier quality scoring.
chevron_right Mathematical optimization
A mathematical optimization alghoritm is used to determine the optimal combination of multiple product quantities to be contracted with multiple suppliers, thereby minimizing costs, while adhering to buyer and supplier constraints.
chevron_right Negotiation and decision making
Suppliers are invited to improve their initial proposals in terms of unit prices, trade discounts (by quantity or by volume of purchase) and cash discounts in cases where they have not done so in their initial proposal.
chevron_right Reporting
Detailed information for each of the different purchasing scenarios is given to the buyer. This is achieved through monitoring of optimal prices and quantities, product price comparisons, product, volume and cash discounts for each vendor.

Product Specifications

GS Optimization
GS Optimization
Multiple purchasing queries and subqueries check check
Incremental quantity discount check check
All-units discount check check
Cash discount check check
Product and/or supplier validation check check
Product and/or supplier exclusion check check
Data import from excel check check
Excel user reports check check
Mobile access check check
Multi-user check check
Multi-language check check
Database abstraction check check
Assign ltered views to specic users check check
Cloud access via internet check check
Access via WAN or LAN check
Application log check
Supplier/product quality score check
Supplier document attachment check
Supplier email template check
Proof of insertion of the price matrix check
Customized reports Enquire
Automatic emails to suppliers check
Premium support check check
SAP, Microsoft and Oracle integration Enquire
Product matrix upload and download check


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