Our Customers have been able to reduce
their procurement costs by more than 20%

Let us show you what we can do for your business

Our Customers have been able to reduce
their procurement costs by more than 20%

Let us show you what we can do for your business

About us

High tech software

GLOBALSOLVER - GSBS Consulting was established in 2017 by co-founders Jorge Caiado and Miguel Ribeiro.
Our founders combine decades of research and management experience with the agility and versatility of a startup. Drawing on their combined skills and knowledge means that GlobalSolver can identify the needs of their clients and find the most effective and efficient solutions.

GlobalSolver was awarded the "Seal of Excellence" by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 SME instrument in 2018

Expertise Areas
- Statistics, data analytics and big data
- Econometrics and forecasting
- Optimization and mathematical algorithms
- Machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural network and deep learning
- Computer vision and speech recognition
- Web and mobile development


Watch the short video and see how our system greatly expands the capabilities of procurement teams to organize and optimize their work


Cutting edge business applications

GlobalSolver Procurement Optimization
Now available with SAP® ERP integration

Focused strategy for purchasing, procurement and negotiation

The GlobalSolver platform is a B2B cloud based platform for optimizing and negotiating purchases. Our platform enables buyers to consult with an infinite number of potential suppliers according to their needs. Our proprietary algorithm calculates the optimal solution on the best prices, quantities, incremental discounts and supplier credit quality using AI to minimize purchasing costs and complexity.

The GlobalSolver platform allows companies and governments to manage, monitor and make the procurement process more effective. Our system’s robust data algorithms can work through a staggering volume of calculations and give results that are tangible, understandable and ready to be put to work.

GlobalSolver Forecasting

Automatic accurate forecasting

Business forecasting is of great importance to corporate planning and decision-making. It can play a key role in many areas of a company such as sales management, marketing planning, finance and accounting, logistics, production and purchasing. The sales forecast is the basis of your business plan. Many factors can directly or indirectly influence sales. These include economic and industrial trends, products and services, advertising and marketing campaigns, seasonal cycles, competition, pricing and regulation.

Who We Are? Meet Our Team!

We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop. We love to learn and use the latest technologies.
Jorge Caiado
Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics in Economics and Management.

Professor of Econometrics and Forecasting Methods at the Lisbon School of Economics and Management and Researcher at the Centre for Applied Mathematics and Economics. 30+ refereed papers in international scientific journals and conference proceedings, books and book chapters in the areas of Time Series Clustering, Computational Statistics, Data Analysis, Stochastic Modeling and Forecasting. 1st Prize in SICO 2007 from the Spanish IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.

Miguel Ribeiro
MBA in Management and Leadership.

15+ years experience in web and mobile development. Comprehensive experience as a senior technology consultant in Portugal and the UK. Extensive experience in medium and large-scale project management. 2nd prize in the Jaime Filipe award from the Portuguese Social Security. This involved helping with the integration of disabled citizens using software tools. Has been granted a patent for this. Experienced Python and OpenCv machine vision developer.

António Caeiro
Expansion Manager
Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

COO at AcustekPro, Responsible for Operations at an acoustic products’ factory. Production Supervisor and Corporate Coach at Philip Morris International, responsible for coaching the factory's teams and managers into a new integrated working system and supporting the management team on decision making process on system implementation. Cell Leader at COLEP


The six central advantages of using GlobalSolver solution:

Significant and measurable cost reductions in the purchase of goods and services.


Increased efficiency and effectiveness, quick adoption of best practices, a centralized negotiation platform, better risk management;


Procurement becomes a key business function to rationalize business processes while reducing administrative and personnel costs.


Greater transparency, accountability and reporting;


Automated optimization platform allows data driven decision making and reporting tools in real time;


Highly configurable and customizable solution for improved stock control and faster cycles for re-provisioning;

Clients & areas of activity

GlobalSolver is present in these main areas:
Health and Pharmaceutical Industry
Food and Drink Industry
Public Administration
Tourism and Leisure
Banking and Insurance
Construction and Building Services Industry



GlobalSolver is proud to work with the following companies


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